I Will Decimate And Destroy You – Tyson Fury Impacts Usyk For Calling Him Out And Then Backing Out Of The Fight

Tyson Fury has impacted heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk in a video he delivered on the web.

Rage took to online entertainment to give an advance notice against Usyk after the Ukrainian said he will not have the option to battle Fury up until the following year as he want some time away from boxing.

Usyk’s remarks didn’t agree with the British contender who has since posted a video communicating his enmity against his future opponent, calling him a middleweight and guaranteeing he’ll crush him in their battle.

Tyson Fury sent a video message to Oleksandr Usyk in which he lets him know that assuming he needs the WBC heavyweight title, he’ll need to come and take it from the wanderers who right now have it, as the ‘Vagabond King’ is holding it tight.

Rage likewise expressed that for Usyk, all streets lead to a 7-foot monster that will totally obliterate him, prior to calling him by and by a middleweight.

“Middleweight you will get crushed to bits. You said you needed to battle me after you beated the jock. Called me out on TV. Furthermore, presently you’re being a little b*tch p*ssy kid running, stowing away, saying you got wounds. You ain’t got no wounds, you had a competing challenge.”

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The British fighter then proceeded to let Usyk know that he should accept the battle with him, in any case assuming is expected December or not.

“Get out and battle in December. You let your mouth go, presently lets back it up. Check whether you can back it up middleweight. It doesn’t make any difference assuming that it’s December, April or August one year from now. The result will be something very similar, I will destroy you. I’m a 7-foot 20 stone bear and I will obliterate you middleweight, Find your balls and come see me. B*tch.”


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