How My Acting Venture Started– Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon Tells His Story

Nollywood entertainer, Deyemi Okanlawon, has featured in some top Nollywood blockbusters over the most recent two years and has staggered fans with his acting ability.

In this meeting with Weekend magazine, he examines his excursion in the business and the development of the Nigerian media outlet.

End of the week Magazine: Do you imagine that Nollywood today has been updated because of the way that real time features have come into Nigeria?

Deyemi: There is a touch of foundation to this discussion however the supposition we have made is that the nature of Nigerian movies has improved, and we as a whole concur. The Nigerian entertainment world, while not being the most established, has been around for a long time since the times of Herbert Ogunde and the preferences. They used to shoot on celluloid. We’ve generally realized that Nigerians have a talent for narrating, and they have made great movies.

There was a period in the historical backdrop of filmmaking where we got far more business similarly as with most things in Nigeria. We removed every one of the laces and excites and just made what the buyers needed. What’s more, as around then, the buyers were not specific about a great deal of different things other than to partake in the narratives and acting yet circumstances are different. The Nigerian crowd, their pilot has changed as far as the sort of film and the nature of movies they are searching for and we saw a sluggish yet consistent development of Nigerian film making to worldwide guidelines. This began to happen even before the entry of any of the streaming stages.

Notwithstanding, one of the significant things we really want to comprehend along the film esteem chain is dissemination and without appropriation. I would agree that that the Nigerian film making has been kept out of the global film conveyance channel for quite a while and has democratized dissemination. In this way, it’s not held by not many strong studios in Hollywood who have their very own plan, and that’s just the way it is. It has been democratized by these new streaming stages and made it open to all. Clearly, that additionally intends that toward the day’s end, when movie producers put more cash into their movies, they can expect better profits from their venture. You would rather not burn through 100 million in a film and you are gotten into a conveyance channel that can pay you perhaps 20 million, you end up with a misfortune. Presently, having these new stages here has fundamentally opened Nigerian filmmaking to the world yet past that we are likewise ready to create additional incomes from these new circulation channels. I concur there has been an improvement however I wouldn’t agree that that it’s just happening a direct result of these streaming stages. There was a move towards more noteworthy quality movies way before these folks began, it has quite recently been sped up.

WM: We as of late, gained from a report that you never truly needed to be an entertainer. What has the excursion been similar to for you?

Deyemi: I will demand that I am still exceptional. The justification for why would that be, in the event that you put me next to each other with Denzel Washington, I actually have quite far to go. My absolute first memory of acting was the point at which I was five years of age. I assumed each sort of part during those Christmas plays and I truly appreciated them. I appreciated perusing story books as well. I have consistently had this narrating execution thing right from youth. My mom was a decent bread cook and my dad, an airplane engineer. I would get story books as well as his designing books and that is the manner by which I got keen on sciences. I concentrated on compound designing at the University of Lagos and was likewise selling cake and bread from my mum’s pastry shop. On one occasion in college, I chanced upon this gathering of youthful entertainers who were doing religious show creation and went along with them. That reignited my adoration for show. I was around nine years of age when I did my most memorable TV plug about family arranging, Sola Sobowale was my mother and, surprisingly, that experience I recollect strikingly while different children battled with their presentation, as far as I might be concerned, it was a breeze. So quick forward, I kept doing show after graduation, with a lot greater church and what I didn’t understand was that I was being prepared. I turned into the top of the adolescent show bunch around then and doing everything. I likewise had a 9-5 work I was taking care of. At some point in 2010, an irregular discussion with a business contact of mine asked what I was contemplating, and I told him, he asked what I might want to do, and I let him know acting. He said he had a few companions in Texas and are back in Nigeria to shoot a film and in the event that I am intrigued, he could allow me to try out. I went to the tryout, and I got two film jobs in my very first tryout. That is the manner by which it began; somebody saw the trailer for the element film that I did then Tolu Ajayi of clear creations. He called subsequent to seeing the trailer and said we ought to have a discussion about his own film ‘flicker’. Flicker is on YouTube for anybody who needs to watch it. It turned into my call card to the business. Consistently, prior to hitting the sack, I would tweet at each Nollywood name that I knew, and I would drop the connection to the film. Some way or another, the film got on Nairaland and it just became a web sensation and starting there, a great deal of movie producers saw my work. Following that I got a call from Lala Akindoju who was working with Jade Osiberu on this film hit Gidi up, they welcomed me for a tryout, and I got the part and this was before these streaming stages. Individuals saw Gidi up and were attracted to Nigerian filmmaking again in light of the fact that it just set another norm. One of those evenings returning from the tryout, I got waylaid by equipped looters and I had chance. I endure the mishap, yet I wasn’t deterred.

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WM: You likewise have an excursion in the corporate world, educate us concerning that

Deyemi: After I completed school and began looking for what to do. My mum requested that I participate in her pastry shop business which I did in light of the fact that I’d proactively experienced cash nearby and was at that point slanted towards business venture. I worked with her for a very long time, surrendered and ventured out from home. I began my business in shimmering arrangement and maintained that business for eighteen months. Then, at that point, I joined a monetary expert and financial backer relations firm called Proshare and became head of promoting. Then, at that point, I left sooner or later to begin deals target counseling for private ventures. I joined an organization which ultimately got purchased over by OLX and I turned into the promoting supervisor for OLX in Nigeria. It was only after at some point in 2013 that I surrendered.

WM: Why did you choose to enjoy some time off in 2019?

Deyemi: I was deterred and needed to surrender. Essentially, on the grounds that I was in a ton of movies, and I wasn’t tracking down satisfaction in that frame of mind of these movies. I tidied my resume and returned to work. I joined Silverbird film dissemination as the head of promoting and after which I was requested to take up the situation from head of record for Nollywood titles. Then COVID-19 occurred and the CEO moved, then, at that point, I turned into the acting CEO. Eventually, I began getting calls from Kemi Adetiba and the preferences. At the point when we were set free from lockdown, I returned to recording and presently I’m truly glad that I’m taking care of business that I find satisfying and that the business has developed to where the nature of creation is something, we can be generally pleased with as Nigerian entertainers and makers. And furthermore, the monetary award for our specialties has additionally gotten to the next level.

WM: Do you suppose these streaming stages raised your profession? Likewise, when you discuss the worthwhile idea of being on these stages, might you at any point impart that to us?

Deyemi: I am very much aware that movies are presently being created in Nigeria for a large number of dollars. For blood sisters, I am mindful heaps of cash was spent and everybody was paid well overall. Kindly comprehend that individuals I’m discussing are not the slightest bit fair in the art, I’m discussing the most elite. At the point when you see the movies, you know why they are getting compensated immense measures of cash for the movies. It’s a fascinating time.

WM: You’ve been discussing conveyance for some time currently, do you suppose the robbery challenge Nollywood has looked after some time appears to be better at this point

Deyemi: One of the things we really want to do isn’t give voice to these stages, so I could never specify the name of a privateer site. Furthermore, robbery is staying put so the main problem to investigate is the means by which to evade the impact. With the internet based stages now, there are new types of revenue for movie producers and a many individuals quit going to the DVD creators and zeroed in on these different channels. Innovation killed that entire DVD robbery market. Rather than attempting to zero in on robbery, I figure the arrangement may be enormously adapting your substance with the end goal that the robbery takes is unimportant to your profit.

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