God Is Not In Paradise – Harrysong Make Sense Of To Christians

God Is Not In Paradise – Harrysong Makes Sense Of To Christians

Grant winning Nigerian Singer, Harrison Tare Okiri, prevalently known as Harrysong has thought that God can’t be tracked down in Paradise.

The Reggae Blues hitmaker expressed this in a post on his Instagram story, which is considered strictly questionable.

Harrysong approached Christians to think carefully and doing edifying examination rather than simply perusing the Bible.

He utilized Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1 to make sense of that God made Heaven in the first place so it was conceivable that He was at that point existing elsewhere when the formation of Heaven and earth occurred.

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As would be natural for him;

“Beginning 1-1

First and foremost, God made the paradise and the earth.

How conceivable is it to be in an area and later make that area?

God isn’t in paradise, Don’t simply peruse… study, think, research.”

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